Zak Domogalla was born in the small military town of Hawthorne, Nevada. Domogalla started playing the guitar at age 13 and soon after started a local garage band with some fellow classmates. 

At the age of 18 after writing many songs and many live performances he recorded and produced his first record (Act II) in his apartment. His music caught the interest of a program director at a large radio broadcasting company and started receiving air play along with radio interviews. He and his band were now playing larger venues, usually as the headlining act or the main support for artists with regional notoriety. While headlining an amphitheater show for The American Cancer Society which was broadcast on radio and television,  he was sought out by the owner of Watersign Studios who was interested in signing the band to a one album deal.  

At the age of 21 his studio album (Anywhere`s Better Than Here) was released, receiving radio play in several countries.  Zak and his band were now playing and working with national acts such as I Hate Kate, Psychostick, Weston Buck, Roxy Petrucci, and Brian Love, to name a few.

Two short years later Zak was contacted by Richard Finch, the bass player/song writer/co-founder of KC and the Sunshine Band (4 time Grammy Nominees and 1 time Grammy winners with 12 top 10 hits). Finch who has 30 plus years of experience producing music and working with artists such as Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, Lil` Romeo, Beyonce, Quincy Jones, White Zombie, Rob Zombie and numerous  other artists.  Finch was interested in signing Zak as a solo artist and steering the songs he had written into a new and more popular genre. 

Zak pursued the one album deal with Finch and released (Of the World...) under the name Nevada. The record did well and in 2010 received: 

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Inc. nominated Nevada on the Official Ballot for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in the following categories:  

Record of the Year: Nevada - Lost  
Album of the Year: Nevada - Of The World…  
Song of the Year: Nevada - Lost  
Best New Artist: Nevada 

Best Pop Vocal Album: Nevada - Of The World…    

Shortly after the album release (Of The World...) Zak with his new sessions players performed a concert with Marcy Playground. A developing friendship began after Marcy Playground's front man, John Wozniak snuck out from backstage to watch their performance. After a crowd encouraged encore performance, John asked him to stick around and chat after the show. John was impressed with Zak's songs/songwriting talent and he was invited to play more shows with Marcy Playground which then led to regional and national tours. John then signed Zak to his record label, (WOZ Records) in association with Deep South Ent. as a solo artist and re-released (Of The World...).  

Zak took a break from playing and touring in 2017 to aim his focus on the production and business side of music, working with and developing other artists. 

At the beginning of 2021, it was time for Zak to get back to his own music. He dove right back into the studio where he wrote and recorded his second solo album "Cherophobia", and followed his release with four more singles. 2022 was an even busier year, Zak wrote and recorded his third album "Everything In Nothingness" and started his own indie record label. He is currently  working with several artists through Domogalla Records, aside from writing and recording his own music.