Hi there!  

If you are reading this you just might be a musician/band/group/rapper/producer... or you just want to learn how the music industry works. 

As I stated on Instagram (if that`s how you found me) I do not charge for my effort, time and 20+ years of lessons learned through trial and error in this industry.  

Why am I doing this? To keep it short and sweet, the music industry is full of sharks! People who are willing to sell you a dream. You may have gotten the same messages and emails that I have "Hey, I`m a talent scout. A&R with connects to all the major labels.. for $150 I`ll push your new single to them!"  

Yea right buddy, no thanks! 

I am currently making content to share with you that I will be releasing on a regular basis. I will be covering everything from recording your first song, to distribution. Step by step guides on how to promote yourself and your brand. Marketing tools that are cost effective on a small budget (some are even free). A course on why it`s important that you know your rights as a musician, and why it`s important to have a PRO (performance rights organization) like BMI or ASCAP. What ISRC, ISWC, and PPL`s are, and why they are important. From there I will be teaching you about sync licensing, and how to get your music in movies and television. The list goes on.  

I want to help YOU succeed in the music business. You won`t need a record label, you will be your own label, just like me. 

While I am creating, take a look around my website (yes we will cover making your website as well) join the mailing list so I can notify you about new content, and lastly if you like my music please follow me on your streaming platform and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @zakdomogalla

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